About us

Sermide Farm is located in the Province of Cartago, in the valley of Ujarrás; one of the earliest Spanish colonial settlements.


Sermide farm


The valley surrounding Sermide Farm contains lush agricultural land, decorated with beautiful views of mountains and rivers, and a rich variety of plants and animals.  The farmland, which lies along the floodplain of the River Reventazòn is enriched by an array of minerals, including those left over time by the nearby volcanoes, Irazù and Turrialba.  The farm has developed in harmony with the natural environment.

Sermide Farm has been created over time in a traditional manner by several members of the same family,  all of whom have shared a passion for caring for its crops and animals.

  • Organic fertilizer

  • Improvement of the environmental parameters

  • Soil improvement

  • Conservation of flora and fauna