Sugar Cane


For many years, these lands have been traditionally farmed by the family for sugar cane. Sugar cane comes from the genre "saccharai" and species "saccharum officinarum". There are different varieties with names such as Amarilla, Pindar, Hawaii and POJ, which for various reasons have been changing with the passage of time, both caused by diseases and low yields. Today we have a variety called Barbados.

This variety, thanks to its characteristics of producing good quality seeds, fast growth, short maturation period, high yield of sugar per hectare and its exquisite taste, along with our passion for caring and the favourable conditions of the region enable Sermide Farm to produce organic sugar cane of the highest quality.



Thanks to the qualities of the land, we also have bamboo cultivation. Its scientific name Guadua angustifolia and it belongs to the family Poaceae and subfamily Bambusoideae.The bamboo has very strong natural fibers that develop building products such as laminates, flooring, panels, mats, furniture, columns, beams and pulps it is also great fixer of carbon dioxide as it allows the wildlife refuge to be an important factor in our biodynamic farm.

We also have a home garden cultivated for biodynamic vegetable production as well as fruit plants.

The Orchard

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