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Visiting the Ujarrás Valley


The beauty of this valley as seen today is shaped by the time of the huetares (Costa Rican indigenous people), its rich variety of plants and animals, and the local agricultural practices.


Today we can find the Ruins of Ujarrás, constructed during the 17th Century. Nearby there is also the Orosi Church, constructed in 1743 by the Franciscans; today a colonial historical monument containing a small religious museum. From agriculture in the valley of Ujarrás and Orosi you can find a variety of crops, for example, sugar cane, coffee, Chayote and a bit further towards the village of Tucurrique, you can find peach palm.

In the city of Cartago, the ancient capital of Costa Rica, you can find the Basilica of the Angels (La Basílica de los Angeles), which was constructed for the first time in 1681 and reconstructed in 1727 after the earthquake of 1715.  You can also find the ruins of the temple Parroquial de Santiago Apostol, which began construction in the second half of the nineteenth century, and which was interrupted by the 1910 earthquake.



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  • Rapids of the River Reventazón

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