Maintaining our philosophy that the development of all farm activities is in harmony with the natural environment, my father created a wastewater treatment system, which gives us a compost of excellent quality to use on the farm. We also have a biodigester that feeds a generator with its gas, allowing the production of bioenergy with an annual average of 88 MWh. Due to this system we strive to improve environmental indicators; such as chemical oxygen demand (COD) with a reduction from 80 to 85 %, biochemical oxygen demand (biol.) and dissolved solids.


We produce 14.266 m3 biofertilizer per year and thereby substitute 200 kg N/ha/ year, which replaces the use of chemical fertilizer and reduces the emission of 69 tons per year of methane in the atmosphere. This amount corresponds to 1452 tons of CO2e as of a production from 0.049 m3 methane per kg pigs. With this system, we manage to achieve the environmental goals set by the Ministry of Health for this type of activity (CIUU 1210). At the same time, we are contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases, since due to the biodigester, methane gas is captured and made use of in a way that is environmentally responsible. Finally, the effluent obtained, covers our needs for agricultural and soil improvements.

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